Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Please Father Christmas if you love me at all, bring me a watch

Several years ago one of our former columnists wrote about the demise of the wristwatch, which he said was coming because everyone would soon have cellphones, which have clocks.

Even then I found this silly because people did not, and still do not, wear their phones. And it is still more convenient to flip over your wrist than reach in a pocket for your phone. Usually.

I never replaced my much-lauded Superfriends' watch. Perhaps Santa will, but at the moment I am watchless.

I needed to know the time shortly after I had been excused this morning. I am not sure why, but I did, so I grappled my phone out of its pouch, looked at the time and dropped it ... back on my wheelchair seat. (Be honest, you thought I was going to say dropped it into the toilet.)

When I got back in my chair, I grabbed at my phone, but it slipped through my fingers and flew gloriously airborne, and landed squarely in the ... other stall (Thought I was going to say toilet again, didn't you?)

Of course, I can't get into the other stall, but of course Claren came to my aid, saving me from seeking embarrassing help. She snagged it cleanly; I left; no one was any the wiser.


Anonymous said...

Two things...
1). I totally thought you were going to say you dropped it the toilet--both times

2). Are you sure you wouldn't rather have a big red India rubber ball?

Anonymous said...

I still prefer the very first:
Santa, Thelma, Michaelangelo, Hawkings! Does it really get any better than that when you look for an all-star cast to support "I am that I am"?

Matt Trott said...

Ha, fooled you. My nephew would steal the ball.

Next year's will rock!

Anonymous said...

you got a watch! No more whining!

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