Sunday, February 6, 2011

No, Target Optical, I won't be coming back

After six days, one of the lens in my new glasses fell out ... for no reason. Surprisingly, I hadn't fallen on them. I had been tasking them off with two hands. Everything you are supposed to.

But Friday morning, when I opened the ear pieces to put the glasses on, the frame made an odd creak. As I turned it over and over to try to find the cause, out popped the lens.

Of course, this was an improvement over the sunglasses I bought last summer. One of their lenses popped out when I out them on in the car to show Mom.

The folks at LensCrafters had wrestled the lens back in and told us to come back if there were any problems.

I decided that the main problem was LensCrafters. Only one of their people had ever tightened my glasses in a way that worked -- he bent the ear pieces -- and when I asked others to do that, they ignored me. Plus, I felt like the guy who sold me the sunglasses totally scammed me, selling me the glasses equivalent of undercoating.

This led me to Target Optical.

The service and selection seemed good. I was happy with my glasses till Friday and not just because the lens came out.

Mom ran the glasses up to Target Optical while I was at work. She showed the guy there the glasses and asked him to fix them.

He looked at them and said, these are old glasses, very old.

Mom quickly corrected him, then asked why he said they were old.

He told her that it was just because they used a weird screw. The glasses were fine, he said.

Seriously? I just paid hundreds of dollars for really old glasses? Or at least ones with old screws.

Today, that odd creaking sound started again.


Anonymous said...

just fyi...someone might have sent an email to the target optical site referencing this post and suggesting that they might want to do something about it.


Anonymous said...

Just hypothetically, Emmy?

Anonymous said...

remind me to stay on the good side of both of you

Matt Trott said...


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