Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do you feel lucky, Matt? Hell no!

When I was younger, I used to read Gram's copy of the Smithsonian Book of Comic-Book Comics. It was full of awesome early comics. I am not sure where it is now – it was not in her house when she died -- but I was thinking about it today.

One of the stories teamed up Plastic Man with Woozy Winks, who I remember as the luckiest man alive. I have just learned, however, that was temporary. He was usually a bumbling oaf providing comic relief, to which I say: “Plastic Man needs comic relief? He is a jokey character.”

I was thinking of Woozy and wondering what it is like to be lucky.

Today, I went to LensCrafters to pick up some sunglasses that I had ordered weeks ago. I was a little nervous because I was planning to ask for a discount because the glasses were late.

We went even though my lower back felt ready to explode because I sneezed oddly or strained it in any of a half-dozen ways.

The best handicapped parking spots were taken by wussy sedans. Grrr. But I was on Cloud 9 in the store because I asked for a discount and he gave me one. It was pretty modest, but I did it. Yeah, me.

Then I went out to the car with Mom and showed her my glasses ... or tried to. A lens popped out right there.

I was running late to work so Mom said she'd drop me off, then go back. Of course, the check-engine light in the van came on.

It turned out OK. Mom defied the check-engine light, went back and eventually got the lens fixed. And before anyone says anything, I know I am lucky to have Mom.

But I just wonder what it would feel like to be Woozy and not have these kind of things happen.

I guess Woozy wouldn't need glasses, though.


Anonymous said...

You are singing my song about being lucky. On Friday morning I always go to the grocery store. It was a beautiful day so we almost just walked to the store but for some reason we went down to the van even though the drive to Harris Teeter is really short. I have been having trouble with the door of my van where the ramp is being very sticky, but the door was totally off the track and it wouldn't even open. I'm not sure what happened. It looks like someone hit it. I doubt that happened in my garage and maybe it happened at Hopkins, but that doesn't matter. Anyway, I went to the grocery store and Halema went to Goodyear and they couldn't fix it and they told us to go to a body shop. Luckily my sister called me on my cell phone because she was in the area so she was able to follow my attendant to the body shop and I rolled home. It is a good thing that we went down to the car because I have a procedure very early in the morning at GW Hospital and if I had not seen the problem I would not have known until Wednesday morning and it would have been too late. Now some would say that I was lucky to find out about the problem before Wednesday. I just view it as one more hassle to deal with. Hopefully the door will be fixed by Tuesday afternoon.

Matt Trott said...


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