Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My dog eats better than I do

That is one thing I took away from my meeting with a nutritionist yesterday.

Several times she said "Have you heard of this?" or "Do you take that?" Both times, I said, Claren takes them or used to. So yes, I have heard of probiotics and fish oil, but I just give them to my dog.

For the moment. I think I am going to be taking them soon.

After trying to put some of the ideas into practice, the other takeaway point: I am not at all sure she realized how compact and svelte I am. (Is sylphlike really a synonym for svelte? Maybe I am not svelte.)

I am supposed to eat a bigger breakfast and add in snacks all over the place. Of course, the snacks are vegetables.

I guess the other takeaway: This is going to be a long process. Just wait till I write about the three-day collection of things that ought to be flushed not collected.


Anonymous said...

congratulations! Give yourself credit for just going. And this is a process. It is impossible to do it all, so just give yourself credit for even the little changes that you make. Step by step. Doing this is a gift to yourself, your entire family and Claren!

Your last paragraph is hysterical! Yes, I have done the same :-)

Matt Trott said...


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