Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My leg isn't dead

I was kind of scared after what I did to myself last night.

I fell during a transfer. My right leg was in the position it would be in if I was squatting, so upper leg and calf making a V at the knee. But that right leg suddenly found itself bearing all my weight and my upper leg squished down to touch my calf. Then my knee remembered it does not bend like that, and the upper leg bounced back up a bit, throwing me even more off-balance.

I have never thrown up because of pain -- because I am a BADASS -- but it has been touch and go few times. This was one of those times. Later, it was all warm, and a warm body part on March is usually bad news for Matty.

I imagined all the capillaries and nerve fibers snapping, and their deaths produces energy that warmed my leg. (Poetic and scientific.)

But apparently, my legs are up to the task of bearing a BADASS (in more ways than one considering that I went to that nutritionist because of digestive issues).

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