Monday, March 28, 2011

Paul via rear window captioning

When I saw Superman Returns with rear window captioning, I could not position myself properly. I remember thinking that nobody is ready for someone with two disabilities: the wheelchair user who sits in his chair but also needs the captioning tool.

In the local theater at Tysons, the captioning system is a piece of Lucite on a gooseneck support that fits in the drink holder. You adjust it so you can see the captions showing on the back wall and the movie. The gooseneck wasn't really tall enough for me in the wheelchair. I wound up reading the captions, then looking at the screen and vice versa.

When I got to Paul Saturday night and saw the captions on the back wall, I quickly asked a friend to go see if I could get the system. I was pretty excited. I didn't expect to be able to hear the movie but now I might be able to.

I got another friend to help me into a theater chair, but even then I could get it so the captions and action were in one line of sight. Still, it was a million times better than it would have been.

I would never have understood the English guys who are the stars and Paul the alien would have been hard to lip read. As it was, it was pretty hilarious.


Tony said...

I do want to try Rear Window Captioning.

Matt Trott said...

It is pretty good. I think most AMC theaters have it but just one theater in the complex has the system, so this was pure luck.

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