Monday, March 14, 2011

What do you make of this?

Last night I dreamed I was visiting the cemetery with my maternal grandfather.

He is dead. And he was dead in the dream, but he was very corporeal.

We split up for a moment and I found myself walking toward the middle of the cemetery holding a yellow Wiffle ball bat in one hand and something white in the other.

One of the top editors at the paper was there, only he was now a priest. I greeted him and he asked why I had the goofy yellow bat. I told him I needed it to see my brother's grave and motioned to where my infant brother's grave is. That made sense to him.

I kept looking for Granddaddy because I was ready to go, but he was cleaning the grounds and moving rocks off the graves.

I wandered over to his grave and that of his wife, and there were these loudmouths there. They said they really loved Gram, but they had parked their big boat of a sedan almost on top of her grave.

That is all I remember.


Anonymous said...

wow, matt

Anonymous said...

Very interesting dream, brother.


Anonymous said...

dude, what do you use to brush your teeth? your dreams are bizarre.

Matt Trott said...


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