Sunday, April 3, 2011


A few weeks ago Mom and I were discussing where to keep my growing stash of vitamins and food supplements. We originally decided to keep them on the shelf in the kitchen with all the other medicines.

That's not very convenient for me, I told Mom. Her reply: Nowhere is convenient for you. She wasn't being mean, just honest. I love this house, but it was not meant to house someone in a wheelchair.

The new house will be more convenient, with a private bathroom, so I can use the bathroom even if a big family gathering is taking place in the family room.

I just think that Mom, who was just talking about this house, is actually correct about life with Friedreich's ataxia and that nowhere will ever be convenient.

The pills just sit on the dining room table right in front of me each night.


Anonymous said...

our house is accessible and we can't find a good place for the vitamins. mine are sticking out of a dish on the dining room table and tony's are all over the kitchen counter. convenience and clutter exist regardless of disability

Matt Trott said...

Dang vitamins!

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