Saturday, April 16, 2011

Does it get better?

Teen-agers have it ridiculously hard. No getting around that. And teens who are gay have an extra high hurdle.

But I saw a video the other day that almost made me jealous of such kids. Apple employees made a video for the It Gets Better Project telling kids that their lives will improve as they get older. Many people have made similar videos.

I lay in bed this morning for 20 minutes wondering if life gets better for me. I don't know that it will really.

I got the lab results from my physical and the blood was mostly OK. I have low Vitamin D, which seems likely in the winter since you get some from sunlight. And the vitamin from the nutritionist already is adding a bunch of vitamin D, so I am not worried.

The urinalysis found small amounts of blood in the urine, which isn't supposed to happen. My doctor thinks it was maybe some minor irritation or infection and isn't worried. I think I probably contaminated the specimen somehow because it is hard to get a clean urine specimen when you can't stand. I'l try again next week.

The problem is I am almost 40. I suspect that the wear and tear on my body is harder than that of others, and I worry that various body parts and systems are just going to slowly start falling apart.

I just there was a video like this for people with Friedreich's ataxia.

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