Sunday, April 24, 2011

I love 'Lamb'

Mom's Easter reading is The Risen Christ at Eastertimeby some big-time Bible scholar. Mine is pretty heavy, too: Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore.

Despite it cursing, bawdiness and general irreverence, I find Lamb quite loving and beautiful. It is fast becoming one of my favorite books.

Lamb's Joshua (Jesus) is perfect (obviously) but not at all arrogant about it. He doesn't lord it over anyone even though he is, really the lord. He is kind, naive, goofy, loving, funny (he knows Peter won't be able to walk on water but eggs him on as a practical joke). Best of all, he heals everyone. It isn't just one leper or a certain blind man. If you asked, you were cured. No questions asked.

The biblical Jesus, as I have written, confounds me. Lamb's Jesus is someone I find less confusing, more willing to love and follow. Plus, I could get Biff to help me out with women.


Colleen said...

I'm reading "Lamb" right now, too. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite novels and (almost) making me (a self-proclaimed recovering Catholic) want to start talking to Joshua and his dad again. ;))

Matt Trott said...

It's not at all what I first expected. It really is beautiful.

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