Thursday, April 7, 2011

A modest dip

I fell again this morning, but unlike Tuesday it did not wreck me, even though I did fall in the toilet.

I was standing at the toilet taking care of business when my right foot noticed an itch. It jerked and down I went -- first onto the toilet rim, then onto the floor. I wasn't hurt again, and I got Dad. My feet were on opposite sides of the toilet, so my plan was to pull myself up and Dad would move the chair under me.

Well, I pulled myself up, my feet slid along the bathroom floor and I wound up pulling myself onto the toilet rim again. I tried to pull myself back onto the chair, but my feet slid more and my shorts wound up taking a modest dip in the toilet.

Then I made it to the chair and shower and everything.

The big takeaway: I really need slippers that I can put on in bed and that will stay on. I have some Wicked Good slippers but they fall off when i get up. If I had slippers, my feet would be less likely to slip or to itch all of a sudden. Issue solved.


Ellen said...

This post made me think of that texturized rubber they have on playgrounds like Clemijontri.

Anonymous said...

tony has good slippers. i think he ordered them from ll bea. easy to get on and off.

Matt Trott said...

That rubber stuff is awesome! It is so bright and cheery. Maybe I can use it as rugs?

Tony has wicked good sippers, which fall off my feet. Even socks work for me actually.

Ellen said...

I was actually thinking that you could floor a bathroom with it. Perhaps it comes in cucumber.

Matt Trott said...

You mean CUCUMBER!

Ellen said...


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