Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Para-transit people? They're just really optimistic

I don't use para-transit services at the moment -- Dad drives me. I still like to keep my membership active, though, so when I got a renewal notice, I got the forms to fill out.

The application was pretty painless -- stupid but painless ... unless you are a doctor. Dr. B has to fill out like four pages of questions.

All about a person who, let's not forget, has a permanent disability.

I guess I should be grateful that I only have to state that I am disabled and need to use para-transit over public transportation once every three years.

Perhaps, though, the para-transit people aren't just trying to overwhelm people with disabilities with pointless paperwork or trying to winnow those eligible for the service.

Perhaps, they are just super-hopeful, and they truly believe and hope that I might have gotten over my permanent disability. If I am the recipient of a miracle cure, though, I promise to still rail against groups that waste my time.

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