Thursday, January 3, 2008

Permanent means forever

Apparently, the former editors of my college newspaper are not the ones who do not know the meaning of permanent.

As I have mentioned, they deleted the permanent folder where I had stored stuff I wanted kept permanently. I thought then this was the height of permanent silliness.

Yesterday, I got a letter from my para-transit service saying my membership was about to expire and I would need to reapply. Not a simply phone call or e-mail that I need to extend my membership. No, a full reapplication.

That means I have to ask my doctor to once again fill out the form that says 'this disability is: __ permanent __ temporary." And once again Dr. B will have to check off all the hurdles I would face trying to use regular transportation. Then I will have to go see one of the service's occupational therapists to determine that my doctor and I are not lying. As if anybody would want to use this service. Half the time, I am tempted to start driving again just so I need not use it.

This actually will be my second re-enlistment -- one every three years -- but last time I did not have to get my doctor to fill out the application. I only had to see their OT. The service drove me there, was way late and I missed the appointment and waited around in a crazy line. It was great.

A cynical person might wonder whether the service creates inconveniences lije this to weed people out.

I am sure the editors deleted the permanent folder because they assumed no one used it but them. Silly.

But without being cynical, I honestly have no idea why a permanent disability is only six years long.


Anonymous said...

I think you should send a copy of this blog to the paratransit people, to Sheri's friend who is on the board or whatever and to your legislative ally. This is absurd, costly, insulting, stupid and bureaucratic in all the bad ways.

Anonymous said...

also, the secty for transportation for the commonwealth. i can hook you up.

Matt said...

I did email Tony and Sheri's friend to ask why. We'll see.

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