Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wheelchair fail again

I learned a new word today: potentiometer.

I asked my airplane-building friend at work what a speed potentiometer is because the one in my wheelchair is apparently failing. I have been getting the error "Speed potentiometer out of range" all day.

My friend said it was the speed control, which made sense, because my chair kept cycling through the speeds. i would stop, jolt forward, slow, speed up, then slow again.

It was a blast and just the latest from the POS wheelchair.

Of course, that can't be the only crappy thing to happen either.

I called my doctor to get my urinalysis results, the third time I called since dropping the sample off. Unlike my past calls, today's call was returned by a nurse saying they could not find my results. I called right back but had to leave a message and never heard back.



Anonymous said...

so sorry about the chair. And tell the doc he or she is incompetent and switch to another doc. That is crazy.

Matt Trott said...

The doc is great; her staff is incompetent.

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