Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm driving a shopping cart here

I got my wheelchair on March 9, 2008. I was quite pleased with it.

In the two-plus years:
  • Lots of the red plastic has broken off. 
  • The pleather back has cracks. 
  • The arms wobble. 
  • The pleather on the armrests has holes in it. 
  • The batteries, which were bad from the beginning, were replaced. 
  • The joystick comes off easily, and the joystick skirt is ripped. (It's just this little rubber housing at the base of my joystick; Mom and I decided to call it a skirt.) 
  • I am on my third swing-away controller arm. 
  • Plugging in the charger is real hard and the charger often buzzes.
  • The foam pads on the lower parts of the arms ripped and I took them off. 
  • The footplate top is not flat on the footplate bottom.
  • And now, one of the front castors is behaving just like a faulty front wheel on a grocery cart. It wobbles and spins.
I know I use it every day, but seriously? Wheelchairs need to last five years to get help paying for it.

Add in the horribly designed controller and I wonder if this POS qualifies as a lemon.


Anonymous said...

they are just making them worse all the time. My tilt and recline system did not work even before I started using my chair for the first time! It is just over a year old and I had to replace the foot rest, the armrest, and now something else on the armrest is loose. Wonder if they are made in the USA? it is always something. I completely understand your frustration.

Matt Trott said...

Mom wants me to send the post to my wheelchair rep.

Ellen said...

or your insurance company.

Matt Trott said...

Yeah, their money was wasted on an inferior product.

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