Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who's that girl?

Once again, I got to relish the spotlight solely as Claren's sidekick.

We had a meet-and-greet today with the director of the Fish and Wildlife Service. I have been looking forward to meeting him for a while.

After a brief intro, he threw it open for questions. No one had any right away, so he looks over at Claren: "Who's the dog?" In front of like 70 people.

I said Claren, but my voice carried nowhere, so someone else said who Claren and I are.

I did meet him officially after the meeting.


"Susan Says..." said...

Did he have better manners when you met him one-on-one, I hope?

Anonymous said...

He's clearly a dog person, assuming that he asked with genuine curiosity. I actually love that he was so bold to ask in front of everyone, so now everyone will know who you both are! And, even better that you got 1:1 time with him. I hate to say it, but without Claren, you would probably have blended into the crowd.

Matt Trott said...

I enjoyed meeting him one-on-one and in the group. How could he not be intrigued by the cuteness that is Claren?

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