Thursday, December 13, 2007

Claren is good practice

If Natalie Portman or Jennifer Anniston is reading this, I am totally fine with being a 25 watt bulb standing next to a shiny star. Currently, it is Claren.

Whenever she stays home from work, I am inundated with questions. Even people who don't know me want to know where my friend is. I am used to this mostly.

On Wednesday a photographer took her picture for inclusion in a going-away present for someone at work leaving because of the buyouts, and that was nothing compared with what happened Tuesday.

We went to the vet because I suspected Claren's ears were infected. (I was right.) The nurse who took her temperature said: Everyone likes it when Claren comes; she is so sweet. After the appointment, we were in the waiting room and a nurse I know came out with a new nurse and said: This is Claren. The new nurse was like: I've heard so much about you. And both of the nurses then fawned all over my dog. I was totally in the way. Then another customer came in and told me how great Claren is and started telling stories about the Lab she had as a girl. On the way out, another customer told me how sweet my dog is.

If I was with Natalie Portman or Jennifer Anniston, I would not be jealous of pretty young things fawning over my dog either, so it's a win-win.

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