Thursday, November 3, 2011

Uh-oh, fire drill

We had a fire alarm at work today. Total false alarm, but I am not sure I am real down with the evacuation plans for those of us in wheelchairs.

The safety coordinator and the two of us in chairs go into an office that has a balcony -- although it has a step -- and we wait basically. The coordinator calls and makes sure the fire department knows about us so they can rescue us, but that's it.

At my old job, I waited in the stairwell, which friends did not think was good enough. But I was OK with it because the fire chief told me the stairwell was very fire-safe and had all sorts of anti-fire things built into them.

The office we were in did not seem particularly fire-safe. It just had a balcony.

I know an office fire is super-unlikely, and I have told the other person who uses a chair not to worry about it. But today was a little unsettling.

In other news, I have added my right pinky to bones I potentially have broken. It has been aching for a month or more, not real badly but bad enough.

I also need to add Mom's ankle.

We were on our walk and I saw a dead squirrel. I freaked out because I was worried about Claren biting it. And I jerked my chair away and right into Mom. She claimed to be OK, but ... Stupid Friedreich's ataxia.

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