Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gotta love it?

I am not one to disagree with my 7-year-old nephew ... but ...

My manual chair was out because I am taking it Thursday when Mom and Dad take me to scope out the training center in West Virginia.

My nephew and his sister were giving each other rides in the manual chair. My sister asked what they were doing and my niece told her. To which my nephew added, "Gotta love it."

I was at work for these shenanigans, but Mom and my sister told me.


Anonymous said...

i think it is them you gotta love

Anonymous said...

it is beautiful that they think a wheelchair is fun. As he gets older, Joe will understand more about the actual function of the chair and why it is not so fun to need one. But let's agree that without a wheelchair our independence would be limited and therefore we could not have any fun!

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