Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm on the chart

When my little sister was younger, Mom added to the chore chart, "play with E." (Actually, Mom used her name, but I'll respect her anonymity, until a publisher offers me millions).

We all find this funny, and enjoy making fun of a sister so unhip that playing with her made the chore chart.

Well, I did find it funny, at least until I made the chore chart.

My niece wrote up the list at left. That's "assist Uncle Matt." I assume it means plug in my iPhone and open the door for me. She and her brother aren't quite up to lifting me up yet.

Still, pretty cool they are watching out for me.


Anonymous said...

this is phenomenal! I love that you make it on the list with your own category. I wonder what her errands are?

Matt Trott said...

We are all wondering that.

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