Monday, April 16, 2012

Long ride

I left work at 4:40 today and got home an hour later. I practically could have rolled home faster.

First off, I enjoyed a biker who rode the elevator up, which was fine, except she did not hold the elevator door so it closed before I got there. Fortunately, someone else pushed the down arrow right away and it opened again.

I had just missed a train and the next one was not for 10 minutes. Another was due just after that and third one five minutes after that.

I made the third one.

The first one was packed and did not even stop. not sure what people who needed to get off did. The second one stopped but was too crowded for me.

Then at my stop the elevator was out of order due to some passenger issue. Not sure what that means but it meant that I had to go to another farther stop to get to the street level.

It took a while and several calls to the station manager before that elevator made it.

Then I got home.


Anonymous said..., it was hot. Double ugh!

Anonymous said...

another chapter in the life of Metro. Never dull. And infuriating!

Matt Trott said...

The heat was awesome.

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