Saturday, April 28, 2012

My fears don't ease

My niece, who is almost 9,  came downstairs after she had been put to bed the other night because something was bothering her. I am sure her parents hate it when she does that, but it always makes me laugh.

The reason is because she knows she is being silly, and she always looks a bit sheepish when she climbs onto the couch next to her mother.

She may be embarrassed, but she still takes advantage of having someone who can soothe her fears.

I envy her for that.

I have people who try to ease my fears, but it is hard to soothe my fears because they are often based on a very real, very unpredictable disability.

Perhaps I need to start worrying about games I played during playdates.


Anonymous said...

Once you go past a certain age, fears never ease. Unfortunate but true.

Anonymous said...

carpe diem! It is not worth worrying. We can't control it.

Matt Trott said...


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