Monday, April 9, 2012

Say what you mean

This guy at work was telling me about his weekend. He had gone hiking and seen a fox.

I was jealous. I have never seen a fox, I told him. He said they  are probably scared of Claren.

I agreed, but  added that even before I had her I never saw one when I was out "walking about."

He looked kind of surprised, so I named some places I was like Great Falls.

He didn't care about where. He had picked up on the "walking" and wanted to know if I walked.

The funny thing was I did not mean I walked. I was just using walked to mean "got from there to here."


Anonymous said...

You did walk Matt. I've seen you and you climbed on top of the house (that i did not see). I've seen a fox sitting in my kitchen as well as 2 deer. Odd but true.

Anonymous said...

How a fox got into my kitchen I'll never know. Matt, you walked the Lawn to get your diploma.

Matt Trott said...

That walk down the Lawn -- yikes. And almost falling down the steps at the history ceremony? One of my least good memories. The top of the house, though? That is a fun memory.

Why were wildlife in your kitchen?

Anonymous said...

OK, so clearly I was in the kitchen and the wildlife was not. Sometimes I take a vacation from syntax.

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