Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Matty's got back

I was flipping through channels the other night and came on Legally Blonde.  I didn't watch long, but it was right as Reese demonstrates the "Bend and Snap" at the beauty salon.

Reese's perfect posture during the snap came back to me today during my wheelchair seating clinic today.

I have a manual chair with a high-tech back and seat cushion that hurts my back after a day of sitting in it.

After looking at me in it, the therapist  said that the reason probably was that they force me to sit very straight, and she mimicked Reese.

If I used it more than once in a while, she said, my muscles would probably get used to it and it would stop hurting.

By contrast, the low-tech back and cushion on my power chair offer no support and  leave me sitting like this, she said as she hunched up.

She did this at several points during the appointment, even after I told her she was making me feel bad.

I am sold on the high-tech back and cushion now, and not just because she kept telling me how good I looked in it.  I realize she was referring to posture, and well, it is all relative.

The plan is to use the manual for most of the weekend to see if the system gets more comfortable as I get used to it.

If it does, we will get the new system for a new power chair that is now officailly in the works.

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