Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Not as good as her

As we were on our way out for a walk this noontime, a woman asked how Claren was.

I gave her my standard line -- "She's always great" -- because, let's face it, dogs have a cushy life.

Then the woman asked how I was. I swallowed a laugh and just said "not as good as her," nodding at Claren.

I had laughed because I wondered if she wanted the truth. What if I told her that far too often these days, I feel like it is all too much.

Nothing in particular is especially overwhelming, but dealing with a disability is never-ending. And no matter how much help you get -- and I get a ton -- your disability is something you need to do yourself.

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Anonymous said...

I hear you. Especially when the plates that you live in is a total disaster and you can get to anything and you feel like you have no control. Making me crazy! If I cannot control my environment, I start to lose it.

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