Saturday, July 28, 2012

My feet should be registered as lethal weapons

I kicked Claren yesterday. Not hard and not on purpose.

She was in a hurry to get outside and as I opened the door she nudged my foot. My foot responded by showing its astounding reflexes and smacked her in the snout.

Her reaction reminded me of my nephew's when I kicked him in the face.

Not when I kneed my nephew in the face. I still contend that was his fault, too. That resulted in tears and a trip to the dentist.

No, I am talking about when I was getting off my trike. My sister was helping me unlock my feet from the pedal clips, and my nephew, who was quite little, got too close.

I kind of kicked him in the face when my foot came free.

He didn't cry. My sister said he just looked like "What the hell just happened? Did you really kick me in the face?"

That was how Claren looked. At least until she ran outside.

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