Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The best movie I ever heard; thanks Regal Ballston and Sony

I just watched the best movie I have been to in more than 10 years this afternoon At Regal Ballston Cinemas.

Don't get me wrong. The Amazing Spider-Man was not the best superhero movie I have seen this summer (The Avengers). It isn't even my favorite Spider-Man movie (Tobey Magurie's first two rank as two of my favorite superhero movies. The third, in case you are wondering, was better than Elektra but worse than Daredevil.)

It was a fun movie, but any Spider-Man movie without MJ is missing something awesome.

What made it great was the personal closed captioning system many Regal theaters now offer on almost any movie. That's right: captioned movies!

You wear these glasses that project captioning on the screen for you in transparent green. The captioning isn't all at the bottom but because it is transparent, it doesn't block anything. Sony seems to have made them.

I can usually follow action movies even if I miss some dialogue.

But I cannot overestimate enough how amazing it is to know everything that is said. Beautiful.


abcd said...

I just read about these glasses yesterday! Didn't know they offered them at Ballston; will have to check them out! Thanks.

Danger Kitten said...

That is very cool. I hadn't heard about them, but man, what a brilliant idea. I'm so glad!

Anonymous said...

I hope they are doing this at the Regal Cinemas in Ballston. I totally want to go see The Candidate with Tony when it opens. So happy you enjoyed the movie!

Matt Trott said...

It wasso unexpected and totally awesome. It was at Ballston, sdt

Anonymous said...

awesome! We are there!

Tony said...

Hey, that top comment was from me. Not sure where abcd came from! Maybe I can go see Ted on Friday!

Patrick said...

Impressive! Have heard about this tech but honestly doubted how good the experience could be. Glad to hear some ingenious tech work is paying off big.

Matt Trott said...

It was really, unexpectedly awesome!

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