Saturday, October 27, 2012

My new ride

The coolest feature of my new Invacare wheelchair is actually not part of the chair at all. It is a handy accessory that plugs into the battery port and offers both a headlight and a USB port.

The wheelchair guy threw it in because it is cool and he uses one. He probably was feeling generous because my chair cost more than a new low-end Honda Civic. I am not paying for it all, just saying -- wheelchairs aren't cheap.

I never felt particularly bad in my old chair, so it is astonishing how good I feel in this one. It has a special back with lots of curves and lateral supports and a curved cushion. They both make me sit up so straight. I love it. A friend at work said I look so much better.

It also has a real chest restraint that is more comfy than the Batman belt.

And the swing-away arm actually swings away! It sits almost next to the arm rest when swung away. Even straight, it is still behind my knees.

The only issue is height. I am a lot taller. I an no longer sit at the dining room table to eat. I need to use a tray. That's fine. Less cool is that I no longer fit under my sink. I can get pretty close but no longer all the way under.

All in all, though, I am happy.

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