Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Mattman's utility belt

When I decided I needed something to prevent me from coughing and chipping furniture, I had a few options on hand.

I quickly discarded the Darth Vader and Boba Fett masks because I could not wear my glasses. This raises the question: Is everyone's eyesight perfect in the Star Wars universe? Or perhaps they all wear contacts? Or maybe, all the helmets have eye pieces personalized for the wearer? That would be cool.

I also had to put aside the 970s' Washington Redskins helmet. As you can see, it did not fit too well. It also did not go on my head easily.

My decision to go with a Batman seatbelt may have been met with ridicule, but as you can see here: It is awesome! And it does the job quite well. Thanks to my nephew for taking the photos.


Tony said...

How about a Thor helmet? You should be able to wear glasses with that (although the God of Thunder probably wasn't nearsighted!)

Anonymous said...

totally awesome. you should submit a picture to New Mobility Magazine.

Matt Trott said...

Thor would not offer the needed mouth protection.

And, ummm, no.

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