Thursday, October 4, 2012

No pee! But ...

Today was the first day this week that the urinator did not soil the toilet seat of the wheelchair toilet!

But the day also saw my first tumble onto the floor under my desk at work, into Claren's water bowl. So, I am not sure whether it was a good day, despite it pee-freeness.

I was getting ready to go to a meeting when I leaned forward to grab something on my desk.

I almost immediately realized my seat belt was not buckled. I don't know why. Maybe I forgot to do it when I left the bathroom although it seems unlikely. Maybe it just failed, which given the history of this POS wheelchair seems likely.

I did not have the strength or balance to lean back once I started leaning forward, so I let myself fall to my desk, hoping I could catch myself there. I managed to put my head on my desk but only for a few seconds. Then I fell to the floor and put my arm in Claren's water bowl.

I wasn't hurt and quickly moved to stand. A co-worker happened by at that point, and saw me.  I asked her to grab a co-worker to help me. She did. But she also told like everyone in the office. Another guy came to help. My boss came. An HR woman stopped by several times to make sure I was OK.

OK, yes. Humiliated, that, too.


Anonymous said...

you are lucky people were there to help you. One day I came back to the office after vacation and I was not paying attention and my joystick got caught in the death and I started spinning around. Someone heard me yelling for help. I couldn't fall, but I hit my head and blood was everywhere. Of course I was wearing white pants! Fairfax Hospital and 10 stitches later all was well. Yes, humiliation. But you recover and bounce back.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say that the joystick got caught "in the desk"

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