Monday, December 31, 2012

Not this time, Homer

Some people will tell you The Simpsons is no good anymore. I disagree. Not an episode goes by that doesn't leave me laughing out loud ... and it almost killed me.

I saw an episode recently where the family visits the house Marge grew up in. The woman who lives there now invites them in and Marge says something like, Are you sure? The woman replies, As long as I don't have to feed this one, looking at Homer, who stage-whispers to Marge, 'Tell her no deal."

This little exchange had me rolling.

This morning, after I welcomed my sister home by waking her up to help me off the floor, I showered and was getting dressed. You can't wear a seat belt when getting dressed. Normally. that is fine. Normally, though, I don't think of Homer and his whispers.

Today I did.

Fortunately, I reached a bar and a shelf as I started falling out of my chair laughing.

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