Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Saint Bond, James Bond

I always liked James Bond, both books and movies, but I never considered him a saint ... until last night.

My back has been bothering me for a while. It is not excruciating, but it is pretty debilitating. Bending over, stretching, transferring -- anything can cause a twinge, which in turn can cause issues.

The doctor, well nurse practitioner, said she thought it was muscular and hypothesized that my new chair has been bothering my back since I got it and that my back "finally said enough."

I suspect the pain is chair-related, but I am not sure the back is wrong for me. Unfortunately, my wheelchair person is out till next year, which I realize is only a few weeks but still is longer than I want to be in pain.

Which brings us back to Bond.

I sat down last night in my chaise and watched Casino Royale  and when it was over, my back didn't hurt.

It hurt again today, so 007 is not perfect but not bad.

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Anonymous said...

while I still have it, you should try my cold laser treatment machine. It is basically cured my sisters back pain. Let me know and I can bring it over or your mother can get it on Friday. I can explain to her what to do and the treatment is only 2 min. it can't hurt.

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