Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'll take a lump on the head

I turned off my shower this morning, and almost died.

OK, that wasn't quite what happened, but knowing me it could have. And I'm sticking to the "almost died" part.

I have two shower faucets and two shower heads. I was originally using the shower mounted high on the wall. But I noticed water was splashing off me and getting the wood floor outside the bathroom  wet. So I switched to the shower mounted on the side wall that is low down and removable. That works well, but on cool mornings I get chilly. So I changed the pressure on the high head and started using that again. It no longer splashed the wood, but a stray stream shoots straight in my face now. So all that is to explain that I use both showers.

This morning was a side-shower day. That faucet is above the other one. Without thinking I turned the lower faucet off (on actually).

A blast of cold water shot down all over me.

My rockin' nerves responded to the chill by rocketing forward.

I still had on my seat belt, so the result was I bent forward quickly.

Fortunately, my head flew into the front wall of the shower. Sounds painful, and it was, but without the wall I'd have ended up on the floor as I have done before, and that is really bad. (I just searched for that post, and it is sad that I have two posts titled "Man down.")

Not that I still didn't almost end up on the floor.

After smacking the wall, my head began to slide down, forcing me to scramble to find a hold on something. Fortunately, I got hold of a nylon belt-like thing I use to hold my shampoo.

Then I just hung on till the water warmed up, sat up, turned off both showers and got ready for work.

I ignored the desire to throw up.

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