Sunday, November 17, 2013

No time

I haven't been writing very regularly recently, but it is not like nothing is happening. Too much is.

I get real busy at work in November, working on this, which is fun but a lot of work.

Mainly, though, I am doing physical therapy on my legs twice a week so am working extra to make up those hours. Not sure that makes sense; I think I should just use sick leave.

The therapy is great. I am doing all sorts of things to strengthen my ankles, hamstrings, quadriceps, butt muscles and more. I am also learning why I have so much trouble with some exercises. My effed-up brain sends a signal turning on the right muscle but also turns on the opposing muscle for some reason.

If only I had a few extra  hours.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty impressive! Yes, you could use sick leave, but I am very impressed that you are doing the physical therapy. I hope it gives you energy!

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