Thursday, February 20, 2014

10-minute transfer

Gee, I thought in mid-transfer from my chaise to my chair last night, I haven't had to call my sister for help after she's gone to bed in a while.

I had more than enough time to have this thought and other less PG ones because it was a 10-minute transfer. I got stuck.

My chaise is a few inches lower than my chair, so I have to rise up to get on the chair. Last night, my legs decided they weren't up to the task.

In their defense, I made it to the metal seat of my chair, but my cushion is several inches above that. And they could not push me past and onto the cushion. Also in their defense, the cushion was blocking me.

I sat there on a razor's edge of wheelchair, my arms on the chaise holding me up.

Finally, I was able to move my arms without falling, and I used one to move my chair thisclose to the chaise. The other arm moved my legs into a better pushing position. Then I leaned back, grabbed my wheelchair arms and forced my butt into the seat.

And I haven't had to wake my sister up for a while and a day.

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