Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hypothetically, yeah

Speaking of Superman, I wondered if this kid who works in IT has balls of steel because he came into the bathroom when I was at the sink and walked straight into the wheelchair, bypassing without a glimpse the open other stall.

I realize I was at the sink and not heading to a stall, but flaunting your use of the wheelchair stall in front of someone who actually needs it seems a little much.

To be honest, if I were able-bodied and I worked in an office with a wheelchair user, I would really think twice about ever using the wheelchair stall because...

...Hypothetically, a wheelchair user might come into the bathroom after a morning of meetings, find the wheelchair stall occupied even though the other stall was empty (I know it could have been occupied when the person in the wheelchair stall came in), have to ride the elevator to another floor, get to the bathroom on the other floor OK, lose control of his bladder and have to sit in pee all afternoon.


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