Thursday, January 15, 2015


I was pretty shaken by Monday's fall and an almost-fall a few hours later. How much can a body stand, I asked Mom physically and emotionally.  I don't hurt myself when I fall, but that can't keep happening. My guardian angel can't keep lucking out.

But I know the answer: How much? More.

I was feeling bad Tuesday when I got home from work, and Claren tried to get on my bed to comfort me. Of course, she can't anymore, so she just stood there with her face on the bed. That made me feel bad about feeling bad.

Then came yesterday.

I went to the wheelchair shop after work and dropped off my chair for repairs. That means I am using my manual chair, which has a fixed footrest -- different from my normal power chair.

I was going to the bathroom before bed, and my foot got caught on the footrest. I fell. My right arm knocked all my bathroom accoutrements to the floor with a loud crash. My left arm went in the dog bowl, which spilled, so I had dog water everywhere, even dripping in my left eye.

My sister helped me up and get into dry clothes.

But how much more?

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Anonymous said...

Thank your guardian angel you didn't break the fall with your face... bathroom falls are so dangerous. soap slippery surfaces, porcelain sink and commode could be the first point of contact... MS stinks FA stinks

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