Wednesday, April 15, 2015

No chest strap

One of the concessions to my situation that I avoid at all costs is my chest strap.

I know I am supposed to refer to them as solutions, not concessions, but a chest strap is no solution.

At least not a good one.

Sure, it keeps me from planting my face in my food when I cough at dinner.  But it comes at a high cost. It saps the strength that remains in my trunk. I have already traded much of it away for comfort and stability in my wheelchair back, which is shaped like a "U" that I sit in.

No more.
My old chair didn't have the major side pieces I have now. I can hardly use without flopping ever which way.

I saw a photo recently of my horseback-riding days. I wanted to cry at how straight I sat in the saddle and how I could not do it now.

Falling in my food, banging my head, and really, just about anything else is worth it to stave off the say I have no trunk strength.

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