Thursday, June 25, 2015

IDTMTAM, thank goodness

When I was younger, my older siblings would use IDTMTAM in a derogatory sense.

"IDTMTAM; It doesn't take much to amuse me," they'd snarkily say when I was legitimately amused by something awesome.

I am still easily amused. I was washing my hands at work the other day, and for some reason I started thinking about how my nephew sometimes writes that we're out of poop on the grocery list. I just started laughing out loud.

And I am glad. It would be a dreary existence if I didn't.


Anonymous said...

I believe that IDTMTAM comes from your mother.


Anonymous said...

That Joe, what a little dickens. I'm sure he'd be delighted to know that he makes you laugh even in absentia.

Matt Trott said...

She does admit coming up with it in high school, but she never used it meanly.

He rocks!

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