Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Let me be clear: NO FALLING

I like to consider my posts requests/suggestions/prayers to God, Thor, my guardian angel, the X-Men, Leetah, and all the saints with whom I share a name, a sense of humor (Lawrence) or blood (as yet uncanonized).

Apparently, there was some confusion with last night's post about falling, and I'd like to set the record straight.

When I wrote that I didn't like falling and needing help, that did not mean that falling but not needing help is cool. NO FALLING!

That means no repeats of today. I transferred back to my chair OK and leaned back so I could settle back into my chair. Instead, I did not lean back straight. My back hit the left side extension, which sent me jerking forward and out of my chair. My head ricocheted off the toilet seat. My glasses went skittering under a wheel of my chair. BUT, I landed on my knees and can usually get up from my knees myself.

I stood up, sat down, leaned back carefully, put my seatbelt on, reached my glasses, went out, made sure I didn't have a huge bruise and sent back to work.

The whole thing almost smells of St. "I'm done on this side" Lawrence, but I hope he isn't that mean.

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Anonymous said...

It helps to be clear. Can I thank you for putting on your seatbelt before retrieving your glasses? Also, sorry I missed ganging up with my sisters yesterday.

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