Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stupid Metro manager

It never fails to amaze me just how difficult a loss off hearing can make things.

Last night, a jerky station manager demanded to see my MetroAccess card before letting me into the subway, which has never happened in the 10+ years of MetroAccessing.

No big deal, but he was in the manager's kiosk and was motioning for me to put the card through a little slot.

I keep the card in a sleeve that is attached to my chair, so putting my card in the slot was not easy.

I briefly debated telling him that I couldn't take it out of the sleeve, but that if he wanted to use his legs, he could wander out of the kiosk and take a look.

But then I figured he might wonder why and ask something, and I'd have to say "what?"

I gave him my  card.


Ally @ NCSU said...

Being hard of hearing is so...hard. And so hard for anyone else to understand. People forget about this "invisible disability" so easily. It makes things as simple as going to the grocery store or scheduling an appointment much harder than it is for anyone else. <3 Ally

Matt Trott said...


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