Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to stop restless legs

I went to bed about 10:30 Sunday. I had been swimming so I took some Advil shortly after. And at 11m I turned off the TV to go to sleep.

At 11:01, my right leg started jumping.

Since Advil usually stops the jumping, at first I tried to ignore it. Then I tried pulling the covers off my feet.

When that didn't work, I turned on the TV and watched Judge Dredd. But that didn't help, not even when Stallone kills the crazy cannibals.

Finally, I decided to stand up, confident that the movement would settle my leg. But, and "buts" are never a good thing in my life.

Somehow, my boxers got hooked on my wheelchair and caused me to fall. Not only that, once I fell, they were still hung up, and I wound up giving myself a powerful wedgie.

Next, I had to grab my phone, which was lying on the other side of the better. Using my shoe, I got it and called my sister to help me get back in bed.

All that totally stopped my restless leg.


Anonymous said...

That seems complicated, but if it works...?

Anonymous said...

i agree with JTG, but am not sure the other member of the witch troika would agree...

Matt Trott said...

But it worked!

Anonymous said...

I mean, it is all about Matt and all but....I was a little sleepy.

I'd pick you up all night though, just don't make me prove it ;)


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