Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I wish it was just a towel issue

This morning, while in mid-transfer to my shower chair, I realized I didn't have a reachable towel.

Annoying for sure, but not worth trying to alter my transfer. I'd just get in my wheelchair post-shower wet. But I'd be able to grab a towel shortly after I was back in my chair. I've forgotten my towel before, so I knew I'd survive.

I also knew that if the no-towel thing was the worst thing to happen that morning, it would qualify as a good morning.

Stupid thought!

Soaking wet, I got in my chair OK. Then I turned on my chair. "CNTRL INHIBITED," it shouted back at me, and it wouldn't move. (Just to be clear, it didn't actually shout, but that would be cool, like a Kitt wheelchair.)

The chair gets errors like that not infrequently because the stupid designers put at the levers that make it a free-wheel instead of motorized (like a clutch) fairly out in the open and at a height that makes them easy to mistakenly trip. But there was nothing near any of the levers this time.

I tried flipping the power switch a few times, but that achieved nothing.

Finally, I had to call my sister.

She came down flipped the levers up and down, and when that didn't fix things, she pushed me out of the bathroom. She also grabbed me a towel.

She was going to get my old chair, but first had to go turn off the water in the shower. When she returned, I had her flip the levers again -- that usually works --and sure enough, this time it worked and was fine the rest of the day.

But if you thought that was the extent of the morning's tribulations, you'd be wrong.

I was drinking my morning "Jungle Juice," as my brother-in-law calls my Metamucil drink, when I  coughed and spilled a mouthful on my pants, which I then had to change with more help from my sister.

I survived, but I was pretty overcome, shall we say.

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