Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What am I feeling?

When I was younger, I used to read Bob Levey's neologism contest in the Washington Post. People would come up with new words to match a definition, such as "You're beat after a long day of work. All you want to do is sink into the couch and watch TV. You turn on a show that you've been eagerly anticipating and have watched only once or twice. Yikes! It's a rerun! This aggravating phenomenon is called..." Deja view, of course.

I need him now because I don't think effing pissed is the right words.

I decided to get a lift system. I have been falling more than I like, so I figured a lift might be the answer. I wasn't happy about it -- it would cost a lot and it would be rather obvious evidence that I am getting worse.

But the lift didn't fit my body.

Mom and I agreed the salesman was actually not much of a salesman. He was not really interested in working to get the lift to work. Nevertheless, I won't be getting a lift at the moment, which I didn't want but would be safer.


Patrick said...

I'm sorry about the lift salesman, but I do like that he inspired such an inspired Washington Post deep cut. Up there with referencing early Style Invitational winners and the time they dropped Mark Trail.

Anonymous said...

Dad was saying just the other day how he liked Bib Levey so much more than John Kelly. I'll tell you the emotion I'm feeling about this encounter: rage. Mom already told me about how the guy doesn't use email. He's an idiot. I hope you can find another vendor. jtg

Matt Trott said...

The Mark Trail fiasco! Who knew Mark, Chery and Rusty had such diehard fans?

What I don't get is the emails I got came from his Android.

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