Monday, August 29, 2016

My sister and my PT

My sister came home from work at the tail-end of my physical therapist's home visit. I was kind of dreading the meeting.

OK, not really. They are both great. It's just that, well, my PT has sort of a mean streak.

No, that's not right. It's just that like my sisters and many of my female friends, my PT is quite comfortable making fun of me, which I usually deserve.

At my first appointment, she asked me what I needed to be able to do: laundry, cooking, cleaning? I answered no each time, and she finally asked me, What do you do, Matt?

I thought this is what she'd bring up to my sister because at my last appointment I mentioned our dining room table and she replied, Oh, where you eat the meals you don't cook?

Instead, she said something like, Is this your wonderful sister? She then referenced this episode and said she assumed my sister was wonderful because I told her at one point that she sounded like my sister.

At least she didn't call me a princess again. We working on an exercise to grab something with one hand while balancing with the other. I said I'd just have Fame get what I needed. She replied, Oh Matt, you remind me of one of those princesses and with a snooty voice added, Someone else will get it. (I can hear my sisters laughing.)

Maybe this is why I like her so much.

The real question is: Do I tell her about this post?


Anonymous said...

She sounds like a gem.

Matt Trott said...

She makes me laugh

Anonymous said...

She is a keeper, I'd say! and yes! tell her about the blog!

Matt Trott said...

I did so unless she fires me ...

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