Thursday, December 14, 2017

Not fir-ever

Once, when I was a child, I was setting up the village underneath the Christmas tree. I think I pulled something a little hard, and the next thing I knew, the tree fell down on top of me. I wasn't hurt and neither were the tree and ornaments.

No such luck this year, when I backed into the light cord and brought my tree down. Several ornaments broke and half the light no longer work.

My sister came into my room at the sound of the crash. I just sat there, not saying anything. It is probably a good thing as I was so mad.

As with the lift, Mom tried to take the blame, saying she shouldn't have left the cord for the lights hanging down. Mom's wrong.

The tree has been with me since 1995, through moves from North Carolina and Herndon. It's a good little tree. Too bad I broke it.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tis the season

We put up my Christmas tree over the weekend.

Well, Mom put it up and decorated it. I unwrapped the ornaments.

It always makes me sad, in both a good and not so good way.

Ornaments, like the red disco ball and the flat angels, remind me of both sets of grandparents, reminding me I sure miss them. I have an ornament of a yellow dog for Claren, and I miss her, especially her lightning-fast hurrying tendency (really missed on  cold nights like this).

But, there's the less good.

I see a fish and am reminded how much I loved tropical fish -- everything about them. Watching them, feeding them, cleaning their tanks. But I had to give it up. I can't care for myself these days, let alone fish. Same with the parrot ornaments. The worst are probably the horse ones.

None of this is surprising, which also makes me feel kind of sad.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


We broke my lift yesterday.

I say we because Mom insists it was her fault. I know better.

I am the one that needs the lift. I am the one who called her and asked her to come her me off the floor. I am the one who was sitting on the floor right near the leg brace and didn't notice it was caught under my chair. I didn't even notice it was trapped under the chair when the lift wouldn't raise up.

Of course, it did eventually raise up ... after it broke the brace.

A new one is coming, till then we are improvising and I am still mad.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


My joystick cover is too big to fall down the crack in the floor where an elevator's doors are.

Who cares, you says, only a doofus could knock it into the crack.

Just call me a doofus who is really glad.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Working with my family

On Thursday, exterminators visited our office. I was home teleworking, but when my friend mentioned it to me, I worried Fame's bed might get bug spray on it.

My friend had told me at lunch, and on the way back to the office, we ran into our program's safety coordinator. He wasn't sure, so I planned to check with the building manager. My friend, though, offered to carry the bed out to the car, so I was set.

I swung by her desk to thank her, and it turned out I didn't need to call the building manager. She had already called him and learned that the exterminators would just be putting out traps.

When she heard this story, Mom laughed and said it was "like working wit you family" because everyone is looking out for you.

This seems to happen wherever I work. On 9/11, someone carried me down the steps from the 22nd floor of my last job. My boss always got Claren water.

Mom was also talking about the person who sewed me a new wheelchair pouch with some awesome material she picked up

This friend also gets some of the family dynamics.

On Friday, we were chatting and I forget why but I said to her, my sister told me about a kid at her school who has Christmas lights on his wheelchair. (She also apparently told him that he drives as bad as her brother.)

My friend responded to the light comment by saying, we could  do that to yours right now (I work next to a Target). I replied, but my sister would make fun of me. To which she said, Matt, your sister will make fun of you anyway.

Today is that sister's birthday, so before she yells at me for allegedly being mean to her in my blog again, allow me to say that she puts up with an awful lot -- middle-of-the-night calls for help, falls, my unique way of thinking (she might say stupid) -- and I am very lucky to have her. I might even admit to loving her. But I will NEVER give her a guest post to try to rebut my claims!

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