Thursday, March 23, 2017

I hate cold, part bajillion

I telework Tuesday and Thursday, so I need to bring my computer home most days. I put the bag strap around my neck and the bag on my lap.

When I have to wear my big coat, I can't see my feet, so I don't know if they fall off my footplate. Like on Wednesday.

My left foot fell off as I exited the elevator in the morning. It really got wedged in between the footplate and the wheel, and I couldn't free it.

I eventually had to ask a stranger on the elevator to lift my foot up. She did, but grrr.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dizzy no more

My plan for today was to start calling amusement parks and find a tilt-a-whirl. After yesterday's repositioning effort at my physical therapist's to fix my dizziness, I figured a tilt-a-whirl would do about the same.

But I woke up today not dizzy! Man, those PTs are miracle workers. (I say those because my normal PT was not even available, but her co-workers helped.)

It took two of the co-workers. First, I laid down on a table with my head off the end. Then, one PT held my head and another rotated my body. They did this twice.

I may have been a wee bit skeptical at first. Immediately afterward, I was a little off. But one of the PTs said my eyes were less jumpy the second time, and I didn't get as dizzy on the second rotation.

The only problem is I kind of wanted to find a tilt-a-whirl and have my shirt get caught.      

Friday, March 17, 2017

I don't have a concussion!

That's the good news.

The dizziness I am experiencing, though, is worse than when I was concussed.

I went to the doctor yesterday, and the PA diagnosed an inner ear problem. He had me take Sudafed and Flonase, and said it'll clear up in a few days or a few weeks.

Needless to say I am teleworking till the spells, when I change positions or move my head, are gone.

The best to explain the symptoms is to recall going to Redskins game at RFK. We went in a bus, and all the buses parked in a row next to one another. After the game, sometimes the bus next to us left first, and if you were looking out the window, it could get ugly. You knew you weren't moving, but out the window, things were moving. It was very disconcerting. And that is how I feel when I lie down: I know things aren't moving, but they feel like it.

And I didn't even get to watch my once-favorite team beat up on some losers, like the Giants.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

TV doesn't hurt

I had been writing a post in my head for most of the day, then I fell this evening and I no longer wanted to write that post, or anything really.

I need spring and its warmth, but it's more than that.

I feel like I am getting worse balance-wise. I am fairly sure I am not really, or at least not unexpectedly worse.

But something is more wrong than usual. Who knows? Maybe I am just looking for an excuse to watch TV.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

My toys

My new toy may be paying off.

It's a microphone that sends the sounds it picks up to my hearing aids. I use it to watch TV mostly. Meetings have been so-so. But last night I went to dinner at a crazy busy restaurant. My two friends kindly passed the microphone back and forth, and I actually kept up.

It wasn't perfect. But I followed 85 percent of the conversation. No batarang but I'll take it.

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