Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A handful

I am a lot of work. Just ask my sister.

I am not sure, though, whether the helper or helpee suffers more.

My chair allegedly returns tomorrow. I say "allegedly" not because I doubt the repair place ... No, I do doubt it, but I think it is telling the truth.

But for the past month the broken chair has meant I have not been able to transfer. Every time I wanted to take a nap or use the toilet, I had to ask someone to put me in the proper place. This was in addition to all the other stuff I need help with.

I can't tell you how hard/embarrassing to have to ask to go to the bathroom.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Under Pressure, disability style

As much as I like Queen (and Vanilla Ice), I am not entirely certain they get pressure.

I am back in my manual chair. I realized yesterday that the POS loaner was putting an awful lot of pressure on my butt. With medical pads, I think I avoided open sores, but just.

I was told the repair on my chair has been expedited, but no one can say what that means. Insurance remains an issue.

I can't see to read real well as I am wearing my old glasses, having given up on my new glasses, which I liked but did not stay on my face.

And I haven't been to work in three weeks.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

My name is Matty Montoya ...

I am feeling a special affinity with Inigo Montoya these days. NOT because I am a revenge-driven master swordsman. I am, of course, but that's not why.

There is a scene in The Princess Bride where confronts the object of his revenge. Said object runs away and locks the door after him.

Thwarted in his attempts to break down the door, Inigo starts calling for his very large friend Fezzik. Here is how it reads in the screenplay:
Fezzik!!!!!! I need you!!!!! He's getting away from me, Fezzik!!! Please!!!
Arr!!! Fezzik!!! Aaargh!!
Arr! Arrgh!< Fezzik breaks door down > Thank you.
Every time I have to call someone for help, I think of Inigo. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Be gone

The night in the hospital after my heart operation, I asked the nurse whether I'd be take the amiodarone that  night.

It wasn't on the chart, so she said no, adding that it would be OK be cause it has a half-life of forever.

I finished my course  of the drug, so part of me is worried that my heart will miss it and I'll wind up back in the ER.

Most of me just wants it the hell out of my system because I am so sick of the side effects.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Avengers Assemble, that means you, iPad

Despite what a favorite T-shirt says, everything I know I did not learn from comics. MASH, Springsteen lyrics, and D&D helped, too.

Nevertheless comics have been an important part of my life for 30-some years. Actually, one of the first comics I remember is a 1978 Thor that Mom bought for us to read on one of the long drives to vacation, so 40 years is more correct.

In that issue, Loki brings a news crew to Asgard to film the Ragnarok, which he attempts to start.

Lately, though, they have become harder to read, both holding them and turning the pages.

For the past several months, I have let stacks of comics sit in my room unread because it wasn't a lot of fun to read them.

Last weekend, I threw in the towel, deciding to give up comics.

My sister thought that was silly, and she told me so.

An iPad is the answer, she added. Turns out she was right!

I spent the afternoon reading Doctor Strange back issues on an awesome iPad. . It is so fast when I don't have to worry about pages. I went through eight in a few hours. Reading the paper version took half-an-hour each.

I'll miss the books themselves, but that's about it.

The other bad thing is new issues cost the same as the print version, which is dumb and makes no sense. Is Marvel, the company I read now, going to send me a print copy if one I digitally buy becomes valuable? This is moot because I won't be subscribing digitally because of that. I also won't be subscribing in print. Two losses. A big deal for the company? No, but a loss all the same.

Instead of new issues I'll read ones at least six months old with a subscription service.

I could write more, but there are comics to read.

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