Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's just a joke, God, really

I like to think that God has a sense of humor.

I think he must. Is there any better sound than laughter? I used to have a friend at work who sat nowhere near me, but she had a wonderful loud laugh that would make me smile whenever I heard it.

I got some ecumenical proof today when I read that Muhammad had a buddy called the "jester of the prophet."

I really hope God does have a sense of humor anyway. Otherwise, when I die, God is likely to be plenty peeved about my nativity.

When I lived in North Carolina, Mom sent me some Christmas stuff for my first Christmas away from home, It had decorations and a box that said "Gram thinks you should have one of these." In it was a real simple nativity, wood carvings of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

I am not sure I started that year, but I realized I had plenty of action figures to fill out the nativity. The first time, I think my various toys were assigned parts, like my Borg foot soldier was one of the three kings.

Now, though, the toys themselves are the visitors to the manger, and one of my favorite parts of Christmas is setting up the nativity and telling everyone why.

Here it is, then. Sadly, I can't post music with it. The music was "The March of the Toys" from the "Nutcracker," but not any old "Nutcracker." It is from "A Child's Introduction to the Nutcracker Suite with Bob Keeshan," which my siblings and I listened to. All the songs have words, and my little sister says she didn't know the real Nutcracker does not have lyrics until she was in college.


Anonymous said...

I like it. In my defense, no one ever took me to the real Nutcracker and no one ever told me about the other one. My first intro was as a first year teacher in FCPS when a student invited me to her ballet production. I was waiting for the stuffed animal feet that never arrived. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I'm at work today, Sunday, and this was a lovely little holiday interlude. Thank you.
And I think the music makes the scene. I love you, Matt.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I think God will like the set it. It reminds of some of those elaborate creche scenes in Austria (except for Daphne and Velma). I cannot hear anything from the Nutcracker without hearing the words from this recording in my head.


Matt said...

Oh, boo ho, no one has taken me to a circus or the Nutcracker. Actually, I don't know when I realized the Nutcracker does not have lyrics.

I thought Space Ghost made the scene. He is a great-looking figure and comes with two sets of hands, but the music is key.

And it is great to know that Batman and Robin are in creche scenes in Austria. Too often, their contributions are overlooked.

Anonymous said...

I do wish Xena were in it, since she did assist the holy family on their flight into Egypt. I like the little part of your Christmas tree that is showing, with the little colonial fifer. I'd forgotten all about him, smiling away with his bandaged head and eye. What a trooper.
Addiditional Tchaikovsky trivia: You do know that the Underdog theme comes from the Nutcracker Suite.

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