Thursday, February 14, 2008

Can't really means can't

The phrase "can't means won't" kept pounding through my head this morning.

A co-worker at another office wanted to dictate some stuff to me over the phone because her computer wasn't working right.

I had to tell her that I don't type fast and don't hear well so I really can't take dictation. It is a pretty crummy feeling to have to spell out your inabilities.

And not just once.

I had to find someone at my office who could take dictation and explain why I couldn't.

It doesn't matter that I am sure everyone believed me, even the woman at the other office who has never met me. And it doesn't matter that she got her computer fixed so no one had to take dictation.

I don't think I ever wished I could take dictation before.


Anonymous said...

Too bad we couldn't figure out how to let you channel Gram. Didn't I hear a story about how she feel asleep waiting for Grandaddy to dictate something to her?


Matt said...

That is why he married her, she said, so he did not have to have her for a secretary.

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