Friday, May 30, 2008

If only I could use the stairs

I developed a product for my company recently that has gotten some positive feedback from top people and from our audience. This is good. With any luck it will pay for the 12-foot by 6-foot glass wall I shattered this morning in a company elevator.


I wish I had a good excuse, like the doors were closing and I just scooted in. But no, someone was holding the door, and I zipped in and just hit the wall. Maybe a little fast but I wasn't going at hyper-speed or anything. I am sure I have banged the glass before. Maybe it was just the wrong spot.

Anyway, BANG, it shattered. The person holding the door was like wow, and then he saw the shatter and he was like, WOW. It didn't break apart. It just cracked in a spider-web pattern. I went back and reported it to the security desk and that was more or less it ... so far. Security did call me to make sure I was OK and said they would take care of it.

I have cost my company a lot of money. This, eight automatic doors, a special keyboard tray ... I know they are mostly reasonable accommodations, and I guess they won't fire me because of an accident. I mean I am sure others have lost company laptops or wrecked company cars.

But I am worried I haven't heard the end of this, and in a larger sense what is in it for companies to hire people in wheelchairs? I know I am quite good at my job, but I am not stupid. The company could hire Abel Bodied and it would be cheaper for them.

I feel like I should apologize to the CEO. I told some people after the incident that I wanted to throw up. I still feel that way.


Anonymous said...

hey, at least you didn't write your initials in the dust on some giant sphere in the penthouse suite.

Matt said...

Yeah, just because I am not an idiot doesn't make me feel a ton better.

Anonymous said...

There are people who work for me who DAILY cost the company more money AND more aggravation than you ever have. Trust me on this. YOU ARE WORTH HIRING. ANYONE IN A WHEELCHAIR IS WORTH HIRING! CAN YOU HEAR ME YELLING? I can't believe you even think this. I think the company is very lucky that neither you nor anyone else was hurt. Bumping into a glass wall should not cause said wall to shatter. A proper keyboard tray is something many workers ask for. The doors are A FEDERAL LAW.
Egads, Matt
love and love

Matt said...

OK, OK. But it was more than a little bump.

Anonymous said...

one time i intentionally broke a neighbor's window with my foot. i felt sick too. i guess the point of this was um...i don't know. just sharing a story i guess.

Matt said...

Did you really just admit to breaking a neighbor's window?

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