Saturday, July 19, 2008


I watched three hours of TV after my Nero incident.

First was Joan of Arcadia, in which Joan begged God to let her paraplegic brother walk again. God alleged that she (God was in the form of a little girl) put a lot of thought into the universe and its rules and now played by them. Handing out miracles showed favoritism.

Now I now Joan is not canon, but my problem then is what gives with Jesus? He showed favoritism left and right.

Next I watched Doctor Who, in which someone sacrifices herself for the greater good. We have to wait till next week to see if her sacrifice pays off.

I finished my evening with a totally silly and funny Psych.

I then went to bed and got up 12 and a half hours later.`


Anonymous said...

Brendan recently introduced me to Psych. It could be addictive. I would not worry so much about the fiddling. I don't think fiddling woul dhave helped or hrut the situation. Playing with the dog definitely helped though. I must say, Matt, if there wre something I could do for you I would. I know that is how all the siblings feel. If there is something to do, put us on it. It distracts us from what we cannot accomplish.

Matt said...

Good man, that Brendan. When he crashed at my place last summer, that was the only stipulation I set. I am watching Psych at 10.

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